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Delivery within South Australia  Open 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM Everyday  Delivery within 15-40 Minutes

Average Delivery Time 15-40 Min Instant SMS Confirmation

Whipped Cream Chargers – 6+ Facts That May Surprise You!

Whipped Cream Chargers

Nowadays, Cream chargers have gained an immersive demand among all, especially in the food & drink industries. However, cream chargers are more than an essential culinary tool to make a perfect whipped cream. So, wait what are the other offering of whipped cream chargers?

Well, there are so many facts about nangs also known as cream chargers in Adelaide, that you may not know. In order to calm your tumbling stomach or quench your curiosity – we have gathered a list of cream charger facts that may surely surprise you. Let’s jump in!

Rarely-known Facts About Whipped Cream Chargers: More than a Culinary Tool!

One Product but Multiple Terms

One Product that can be referred to by multiple terms; Whipped Cream chargers are commonly known as cream chargers, n20 chargers, whippets, nos, nosses, nitrous oxide bulbs and nangs (depending on the location). They are basically small steel cylindrical canisters filled with nitrous oxide gas. There are several types of cream chargers available in the market, varying in sizes and capacities.

Whipped Cream Chargers have been Around Us Over the Century

Yess, Surprising Right? Whipped cream chargers have been around for over a century. They were known to be first invented by a dairyman named Martin Prucha, a prominent bacteriologist of the 1900s in Europe. They are designed to be used as a whipped cream machine maker with a cream dispenser – that dates back to the 1970s.

You Must Be 18+, To Buy Cream Chargers From Nangs Delivery Adelaide

The age restriction for buying cream chargers is implemented because of safety concerns. The cream chargers in Adelaide are filled with pure-grade nitrous oxide gas – a type of inflammable gas that can cause trouble if not used responsibly. Hence make sure to follow instructions and take precautions given by the product manufacturer.

Cream Charger Can Make You Feel High

However other drugs can have negative impacts that overwhelm the brain’s pleasure, but with nangs, things are slightly different. When whipped cream chargers or nangs are used as inhalants for recreational drugs, It can produce certain effects on the body that are described as a term “high”. 

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For recreational purposes, people use cream chargers to either fill a balloon or cream dispenser with the charger and then inhale from the contents; this produces a short-term euphoric and tingling sensation in the body.

“Laughing Gas Parties” Introduced Nitrous Oxide Inhalation in 1799

However cream chargers originated in 1900, and the inhalation of nitrous oxide aka laughing gas has been since the 70s. In 1799, the Britishers of the upper class hosted “laughing gas parties” that were known for inhaling nitrous oxide for recreational purposes which caused a euphoric effect. It has been said, that the party hoster distributed the silken bag filled with gas on those days and even the aftereffect is described as a “It feels like returning from a walk in the snow into a warm room”. 

Cream Chargers Can Be an Addiction

Nitrous oxide doesn’t contain any addictive substance itself, but inhaling it directly from cream chargers can lead to addiction. As they provide short-term “high” effects, users inhale again and again to recreate that feeling. In addition, over-consumption of cream chargers can cause oxygen deprivation and other health risks.

Whipped Cream Chargers are More than Cream Maker Tool

While whipped cream chargers are designed to make a perfect whipped cream for your desserts, there are several purposes for using cream chargers. Have a look!

Healthcare Industry – N20 cream chargers are frequently used by dentists and other healthcare professionals as anesthesia, offering pain relief properties to calm down patients undergoing medical procedures.

Culinary Experiments – Cream chargers make the infusion process simple, making them ideal for making various types of sauce mixes and showcasing your mixologist skills by serving frothy cocktails/mocktails. 

Recreational Purposes – Cream chargers are misused for recreational purposes by inhaling the n20 cream charger-infused balloons and dispensers that can cause euphoric effects.

Automotive Industry –  Nitros oxide are two chemical compounds – nitrogen and oxygen, they are known to be a way to get more oxygen to improve engine performance if mixed with fuel.

Whipped Cream Chargers are Legal to Buy in Australia

Cream chargers have been a best friend for cream treat lovers and makers. However, due to misuse for recreational purposes, people are concerned about legal and illegal issues. Fortunately, Yes cream chargers are legal to buy in Australia – one can easily buy nangs from nearby marts or get fast cream charger delivery online in Adelaide hassle-free. Additionally, we strongly recommend following instructions provided by manufacturers.

Wrap Up: 

Can’t wait to whip up the cream charger magic? Nangs Delivery Adelaide got your back! Whether you are searching for a SkyWhip Cream Charger 8g or SkyWhip pro max 3.3 L NOS cylinder, buy now from Us and get fast nang products delivery today!

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