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2 Tank Skywhip Pro Max

In Stock

Capacity- 3.3 Litre

Colour- Red

Material- Stainless Steel & Metal

Gas Content- Highest Culinary Grade N2O gas



Too many orders of creamy treats? Nangs Delivery Adelaide presents, A1 Skywhip XL cream chargers with an exceptional capacity of 3.3 litres, allowing you to whip up large batches in a short amount of time. These stainless steel cream chargers hold 2000g of pure nitrous oxide. Its generous size is perfect for catering events, busy kitchens, and bakeries. Buy now & experience the fast nang delivery in Adelaide today. 

Product Highlight

  • The 3.3L cream charger saves time and effort compared to smaller ones. 
  • Enjoy the benefits of creating whipped cream with ease. 
  • Skywhip Pro Max cream charger tank offers a large capacity for extended use. 
  • New proprietary cleaning methods ensure that no oily residue or industrial aftertaste is left behind.
  • Manufacturers must comply with the following standards and certifications: CE, FDA, ISO22000(2005), ISO 9001, ISO 9002, and ISO 14001.

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