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Miami Magic Infusions 615g N2O Cannister (6 Bottles)

In Stock

Size: 1L/ 615g

Listing includes the canister only, Regulator set sold separately



Introducing Miami Magic – Unleash the Magic of Flavor Infusions!

Embrace the allure of Miami Magic, our new range ,featuring top-tier cylinder quality and 9g blue cream chargers. This brand is a celebration of the vibrant Miami lifestyle and has quickly become a global sensation.

Discover the endless possibilities with Miami Magic Infusions! These canisters are your passport to preparing a wide array of drinks, cocktails, and dishes, from the classic whipped cream to lightning-fast flavor-infused cocktails.

Crafted in a cutting-edge facility, Miami Magic Infusions Canisters are engineered for peak efficiency and productivity. With a larger size and a time-saving refill process, they drastically reduce waste (requires regulator kit and adapter hose, sold separately). Say goodbye to traditional hand whipping and even modern cream chargers, as one cylinder delivers the power of approximately 80 standard chargers.

– Size: 1L/ 615g
– Listing includes the canister only; regulator set sold separately

Please note: Miami Magic Infusions canisters should only be disposed of when empty. Each canister comes equipped with a plastic release valve to ensure proper disposal. Unlock the enchantment of Miami Magic today!

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