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SupremewhipMAX 640g N2O Cannister

In Stock

Size: 1.1L / 680g
Listing is for the canister only. Regulator set sold separately.



New bigger size 10% more gas & individually boxed.
Prepare all kinds of drinks and dishes, ranging from the classic whipped cream to rapid infused garlic-rosemary chicken to rich infused cocktails! Our SupremewhipMax cream chargers give you unlimited variety through a single culinary tool. Not only is it easy to use, but you gain many benefits!
Made in a state-of-the-art factory, the SupremewhipMax Canisters are an
innovative cream whipping device, designed to maximize efficiency
and productivity. Thanks to its time-saving refill process and use of larger
amounts of culinary-grade gas, it outperforms traditional methods such as hand whipping and more modern cream chargers.
1.05L / 640g
Listing is for the canister only. Regulator set sold separately
WARNING: Please only dispose of or empty canisters. To ensure they’re completely empty, plastic release valve included.

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