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Delivery within South Australia  Open 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM Everyday  Delivery within 15-40 Minutes

Average Delivery Time 15-40 Min Instant SMS Confirmation

How to Make Perfect Whipped Cream in 5-10 Minutes?

Whipped Cream

It doesn’t matter whether you want to top your chocolate/strawberry pie with whipped cream or add it to shakes, smoothies, or even pancakes. Whipped cream is the key to giving your treat a creamy flair. Although making whipped cream is not a piece of cake, there is a hidden secret – A whipped cream charger & cream dispenser that does the real magic. If you are a newbie and want to make a perfect whipped cream – here’s the how-to guide to help you make whipped cream in 5 to 10 minutes. So without further ado, let’s get in. 

An Overview of Whip Cream Chargers: 

Before we learn how to make perfect whipped cream, let’s meet the important tool that is a must-have. Since 1900, cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers have gained an immense demand among home chefs and pro-chefs. 

Whipped cream chargers are referred to as Nangs in Adelaide, Australia. They are small metal canisters/cartridges filled with laughing gas or nitrous oxide gas (N20). These small cartridges are attached to whip cream dispenser to charge the dispenser by shaking it vigorously. They are utilized primarily for whipping cream and creating foams, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the texture, appearance, and taste of various dishes and beverages.

Prepare Perfect Whipped Cream by Using Whip Cream Charger:

Some of you might have thought the whipped cream-making process is quite a daunting task, why shouldn’t get a ready-to-eat whipped cream from a nearby supermart? Well, you are wrong, those days are gone – when the whipped cream-making process means painful hands; now whipped cream chargers have made this process a fun cooking experience with fewer ingredients. Yes, here’s the 3 ingredient whip cream recipe, you should not overlook. Have a Look!

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Must-Have Equipment: 

– Whipped cream charger 

– Whip cream dispenser

Whipped Cream Ingredients: 

– 1 cup chilled heavy cream or full cream

– 1-2 tbsp sweetener or powdered sugar

– 2 tsp Vanilla extract or other flavoring substance

Step-by-Step Method: 

– Pour a cup of chilled whipped cream into a dispenser.

– Add sweetener or sugar as per taste, if needed. 

– Now time to add some vanilla extract or other flavoring to give a delicious taste to whip cream. 

– Give a quick stir with a spoon inside the dispenser 

– Here’s the main magic wand required – attach the N20 cream charger to the holder of the dispenser.

– Shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds. 

– Turn the dispenser upside-down, point the nozzle at a certain point, and press the lever to release. That’s it!

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Whip Cream Uses: 

Soft Peak:- The floppy consistency whip cream is perfect for folding into deserts or floating on top of creamy coffee. 

Stiffy Peak:- The stiff peak has an intensely repealed texture, suitable for icing a cake or cupcakes.

Medium Peak:- This whip cream feels like a buttery dollop suitable for dipping fruits and munching on. 

Plus Tips: 

– Always use cold cream.

– Fill the cream dispenser correctly.

– Shake it well but don’t overwhip.

– In case of runny whip cream, charge it again to re-whip it.

– Shake the dispenser before each use.

– Serve chilled whipped cream.

– Use the cream within 4-5 days. 

– Last but not least, follow the manufacturer’s use and safety instructions.

Whipping Up All:

Are you looking for fast cream charger delivery? Nangs Delivery Adelaide has got you covered. At Nangs Delivery Adelaide, we have been delivering quality SkyWhip cream chargers and dispensers directly to the doorstep. Check out our product page and find the right nang product to make homemade whipped cream in minutes.

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