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Skywhip Pro Max 660g Cream Chargers N2O

In Stock

Capacity- 660g

Color- Blue/Red

Material- Stainless Steel & Metal

Gas Content- Highest Culinary Grade N2O gas

From $70.00


Ready to take your cocktails and nitrous flavour infusions to the next level? Our Nangs Delivery Adelaide team is on hand to help you receive your Skywhip Pro Max cream charger cylinder as quickly as possible.  Skywhip Pro Max is a type of cream charger cylinder that contains 660g of the finest culinary-grade N20 gas, making it suitable for use in all recipes.  Get quick cream chargers in Adelaide right away.

Product Highlights:

  • Our cream chargers in Adelaide are a certified grade, ensuring high quality and safety standards.
  • The cream charger Tank delivers consistent and reliable performance, ensuring fluffy whipped cream every time.
  • Skywhip Pro Max cream charger tank is specifically designed for easy refilling and saving additional time.
  • With a capacity of 660 grams, it provides a generous amount of cream for various culinary applications.
  • This cream charger offers a user-friendly experience – easy to use for home cooks and pro chefs.

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