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6 x 615G N2O Cannister Infusionmax Cream Charger

In Stock

Capacity: 165/ 0.95L

Colour: Dark Blue

Weight: 13kg per carton (6 units)

Size/cardboard: 23cm x 23cm x 32cm



Nangs Delivery Adelaide have years of experience in timely-delivering quality nang products like the Infusionmax Cream Charger Cylinder. Infusionmax cream charger cylinders are Filled with 580g of certified pure culinary-grade gas. It is not only practical but also easy to use; Simply attach it to a compatible whipped cream dispenser, and you’re ready to whip up a storm of fluffy goodness. Enjoy the fast & reliable delivery of quality cream charger cylinders with Nangs Delivery Adelaide

Product Highlights: 

– Hassle-free Refill Process

– Versatile Using Method

– Time-saving Charging Experience

– Includes Free Safety Disposable Nozzle

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